High heels have ruined my feet, legs and back

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High heels have ruined my feet, legs and back

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I was always a high heel lover. I began wearing them daily as a teenager. As I got older I got more daring and began wearing 5 and 6 inch stilettos daily. After college I got a job in retail and worked on my feet all day. I worked all day in stilettos and never changed. They were fun and felt sexy and the guys really liked them. I wore them for years despite the warnings they were bad for my feet, legs and back. Now, 20 years later I am paying the price. I am essentially stuck in high heels because my Achilles Tendons and calf muscles have shrunk to the point where I can't stand flat-footed anymore. When I remove my heels I must stand on tip-toes. So although I still work in retail, I still have to wear high heels every day. I have given up the 6 inch stilettos and usually wear 5 inch heels. 4 inches is the lowest I can bear. My feet have calluses, corns and hammer toes. My knees are rubbing bone on bone. My lower back is messed up with alignment. All these maladies are from being so stubborn that I LIVED in high heels for years and now I'm stuck in them. The only option I have would be to have an operation to stretch out my Achilles and my insurance won't come close to covering it because it's cosmetic surgery. I am not sorry I wore high heels, I just wish I was a little smarter about it. So gals, please use your head when wearing high heels. I know the men love them, but your health needs to be considered. I would suggest the following: Stretch your lower body muscles at least 3 or 4 times a week. Switch heel heights and even if you decide to go up to 6 inch heels, occasionally switch down to 3 inch heels. Go to a chiropractor early on so he/she can keep adjusting you before permanent damage is done. Go to a podiatrist if you experience any long-term foot pain. You don't have to give up high heels and I don't even recommend that, but you don't want to be like me and be in your 40's and stuck in high heels forever!! Does anyone else have horror tales from their high heels?