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OMG! Finally get to talk about this!

My observations/questions:

A) what’s up with Perry? This was filmed over several days. He seemed better in the interviews with the guys than the show. Anyone know why he wore glasses in season 7?

B) in an interview with the girls, Lisa mentioned Court and Jen were closer. Jen responded with that’s because you’re married, and then her voice faded off. She regretted saying it. I think it bothers Court not being married. I don’t think Jen cares anymore.

C) wish they had more BTS stories, clips and pictures. And interviewing the team together. Too many clips of the show which we’ve all seen dozens of times.

D) BIG REVEAL??? or was it? David and Jen crushed on each other. David’s has given the same response so many times I believe it’s been rehearsed and agreed to by the two. I think they briefly hooked up. I don’t believe Jen was dating Tate in 1994, season 1,(they started dating in 1995) and no idea who David dated. If you look at the BTS pictures and films, Jen was pretty much throwing herself at him. Perhaps they were seeing other people but don’t want to admit they were cheaters.