Vaj's Son - setting the record straight

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Vaj's Son - setting the record straight

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I'm Vaj's gay son, and now that I've finally been able to register for this site I'm here to set the record straight on a number of things.

Now...firstly, do I frequent bathhouses as she claims? NO!
Have I been to one? I would be lying if I said I haven't, and yes I have perhaps 3 times in my life - albeit around 15 years ago when I was a lot younger. I'm pretty sure most gay men have done the same. Haven't set foot in one since then as I quickly discovered these places are simply not my cup of tea. I have my own place, so why would I need to go to a bathhouse?

Do I have Hep A? - I'm actually vaccinated against it. And Hep B for that matter.

Do I have Fecal coliform bacteria all over me? Most certainly not - I shower no less than 2 times a day, not to mention Vaj is probably a lot more sexually active than me - especially after reading some of the (gross) things written on here that made me cringe.

Did I poison a cat? No! What happened is that I had to have one put down because I came home and found him lying paralyzed on the basement floor. I rushed him to an emergency clinic only to be told that he had a stroke and there was nothing they could do (not to mention a Vet Tech friend who happened to be working at the emergency clinic that evening saw everything). She then makes up this BS that I supposedly poisoned the cat and that's why it died - not true. We had another cat - who lived to be 17 1/2 and left on his own terms (naturally) in 2013 - just as I wanted. He was quite fail for a few years, but I took good care of him until he passed. Took me around 7 years to think about getting another cat, but since I live on my own and the pandemic was leaving me very lonely, I decided to adopt one in June 2020, and she (yep - I got a female cat this time) is a wonderful animal companion that loves spending time with me.

She is also afraid that I will sue her for things. I might be a legal professional, but that doesn't mean I go around suing everyone. Haven't filed any Small Claims matters of my own in many years, but there have been a few legitimate human rights issues (not related to her) that I've had to address.

Lastly, she calls herself "germophobic" yet last I recall she was living in an unkempt house with a carpeted bathroom. Enough said. Last time I tried to invite her to lunch in 2010 or so she claimed she couldn't because I supposedly "roll around in other people's S***" after she realized I was partnered and would be with said partner at that time.

I've tried my very best with her over the years, and it is quite a shame that our relationship is like this. On the bright side, I actually have a very good relationship with my grandmother, one of her sisters, and a cousin that lives about 90 minutes away from me - all of whom are very respectful and accepting. Maybe she will come to reality one day and get off the computer that she seemingly is on for many hours a day, but who knows.

I hope this sets the record straight.


L. (Vaj's son)